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Incidence and risk factors of delirium in patients with acute ischaemic stroke [2019] - 231KB
by Boon Hau Ng, Zhe Kang Law, Rabani Remli, Hui Jan Tan, Norlinah Mohamed Ibrahim, Azman Ali Raymond, Wan Asyraf Wan Zaidi, Syed Zulkifli Syed Zakaria, Nafisah Wan Yahya, Ramesh Sahathevan
Background & Objectives: The reported incidence of post-stroke delirium varies substantially in current medical literature. The impact of delirium on mortality and morbidity is significant and there i...

Nosocomial treatment-induced neuropathy of diabetes: An important cause of painful and autonomic neuropathy in hospitalized diabetes mellitus patients [2019] - 219KB
by Jasmine Shimin Koh, James Wei Min Tung, Benjamin Jun Hwee Lee, Xin Yi Wong, Randy Jing Hang Soh, Umapathi N Thirugnanam
Treatment-induced neuropathy of diabetes (TIND) is an acute painful autonomic small-fiber neuropathy that develops following an abrupt improvement in glycaemia control. Recent reports suggest TIND is ...

Comparing computer-aided therapy with conventional physiotherapy in Parkinson’s disease: An equivalence study [2019] - 634KB
by Martin Unterreiner, Carolin Biedermann, Robert el-Fahem, Michael John, Stefan Klose, Christian T Haas, Tobias Wächter
Objective: The present study investigated, whether computer-aided therapy in patients with Parkinson’s disease is equivalent/non-inferior to conventional Lee Silvermann Voice Treatment (LSVT)-BIG- t...

Electroacupuncture ameliorated neuropathic pain induced by chronic constriction injury via inactivation of PI3K/AKT pathway [2019] - 1,096KB
by Yu Zhao, Wenxue He, Yong Wu, Yang Liu, Chang Yang, Linzhi Wu, Bin Liu
Objective: To explore the analgesic effect of electroacupuncture on neuropathic pain and the role of PI3K/AKT pathway in microglial activation in spinal cord. Methods: Chronic constriction injury mode...

Facial emotion recognition in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis [2019] - 274KB
by Soodabe Fereydouni, Habib Hadianfard, Nahid Ashjazadeh
Objective: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system and the most common cause of disability among young adults. In addition to physical and cognitive disturbances...

Prevalence of neurological symptoms in palliative care cancer patients: A retrospective study [2019] - 240KB
by Gulhan Sarıcam, Kadriye Kahvecı, Dogan Akdogan
Background: This study aims to investigate the prevalence of neurological symptoms in cancer patients followed up in a palliative care centre and the relation of these symptoms to the diagnosis, lengt...

Effect of mindfulness meditation on brain-computer interface [2019] - 1,101KB
by Norlisah Ramli, Su Sim Kuok, Li Kuo Tan, Ying Qing Tan, Lee Fan Tan, Khean Jin Goh, Khairul Azmi Abd Kadir, Pohchoo Seow, Sing Yau Goh
This study observed the functional changes in brain activity while performing real and imagery movement using functional MRI (fMRI); and to compare the fMRI changes of motor imagery before and after m...

The validity and reliability of DDST II and Bayley III in children with language development delay [2019] - 305KB
by Sung Hwan Ryu, Young-Joo Sim
Objective: To analyze and compare the performance of the language sectors in the Denver Developmental Screening Test II (DDST II) and the Bayley Scales of Infant Development III (Bayley III) test with...

Intracranial invasive fungal aneurysm due to Aspergillus sinusitis successfully treated by voriconazole plus internal carotid artery ligation therapy in an aged woman [2019] - 1,281KB
by Mami Takemoto, Yasuyuki Ohta, Koh Tadokoro, Ryo Sasaki, Yoshiaki Takahashi, Kota Sato, Toru Yamashita, Nozomi Hishikawa, Jingwei Shang, Masafumi Hiramatsu, Kenji Sugiu, Tomohito Hishikawa, Isao Date, Koji Abe
A fungal carotid aneurysm is an infrequently occurring infectious aneurysm that is usually treated by antifungal therapy plus surgical debridement of the infected vessel. We herein report an extremely...

Isolated infraspinatus atrophy due to suprascapular neuropathy presenting as abnormal shoulder posture [2019] - 439KB
by Jung Hwa Seo, Hye Jung Choo, Seong-il Oh
Isolated infraspinatus atrophy is rare and difficult to confirm based on physical examination, although external rotation lag signs may provide a clue to the diagnosis. We present a case of isolated i...

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