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Contralateral head leading turning accompanied by ipsilateral eye staring in a patient with seizure onset from posterior inferior temporal sulcus, a SEEG case report [2017] - 2,150KB
by Meng-yang Wang, Jing Wang, Jian Zhou, Yu-guang Guan, Feng Zhai, Chang-qing Liu, Fei-fei Xu, Yi-xian Han, Zhaofen Yan, Guo-ming Luan
The epileptic eye and head movements during epileptic seizures may be much more complicated than people originally understood, which can be ipsilateral or contralateral to the electroencephalography f...

Ultrasound-guided auriculotemporal nerve block for post-herpetic auriculotemporal neuropathy: A case report [2017] - 545KB
by Sang Hee Im, Hee Jung Lee, Jae Sun Shim, Kyunghoon Min
Auriculotemporal neuropathy is a rare aetiology of orofacial pain. A 66-year old female patient presented with severe, throbbing pain around the right ear after herpes zoster. The pain was consistent ...

An unusual presentation of infective endocarditis: Transient encephalopathy with reversible lesions in corpus callosum and white matter [2017] - 504KB
by Shi-Lin Yang, Ming Zhu, Feng Wang Wen-Jing Liu, Yan Wang, Yun-Cheng Wu
Clinical mild encephalitis/encephalopathy with a reversible splenial lesion (MERS) is a clinicradiological syndrome, which has been reported to be associated with many conditions and the most common p...

Neuralgic amyotrophy in the lower extremity diagnosed with gadolinium-enhanced lumbar magnetic resonance imaging: A case report [2017] - 340KB
by Min Cheol Chang
This is the report of an elderly man with subacute onset of left lower limb weakness demonstrating the usefulness of gadolinium-enhanced MRI spine for the diagnosis of neuralgic amyotrophy....

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