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Interhemispheric disconnection due to Marchiafava– Bignami disease [2020] - 1,587KB
by H M M T B Herath, Sudath Ravindra, Chulika Makawita, Anomali Vidanagamage, Bimsara Senanayake
Marchiafava–Bignami disease (MFBD) was first described by Italian pathologists Amico Bignami and Ettore Marchiafava in 1903 in an Italian Chianti wine drinker. Clinical presentation is variable, and...

Effectiveness of dopaminergic drugs on post stroke recovery: Challenges and new insights [2020] - 296KB
by Min Cheol Chang
“Are dopaminergic drugs effective for improving stroke patients’ functional recovery?” remains an unanswered question. Therefore, depending on personal clinical experience, some clinicians presc...

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