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Role of cerebrovascular risk factors in dementia [2016] - 410KB
by Shaun Hiu, Marissa Ong, Nagaendran Kandiah
With the rapid increase in the prevalence of dementia worldwide there has been significant research into modifiable risk factors for dementia. In this regard cerebrovascular diseases (CVD) represent a...

Suppression of inflammatory damage to the brain after global cerebral ischemia by transplanted mesenchymal stem cells via secretion of TSG-6 [2016] - 7,256KB
by Qingming Lin, Shirong Lin, Yisong Lv, Lili Zhou, Yue Fu, Xiangshao Fang, Feng Chen, Zitong Huang
Objective: Numerous studies have shown that bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) enhance neurological recovery after cerebral ischemia. However, the mechanisms are still not clear. The pr...

Role of conventional MRI rain for basilar artery plaque detection in solitary pontine infarct [2016] - 236KB
by Waristha Kantrakul, Arvemas Watcharakorn, Utairat Chaumrattanakul, Sombat Muengtaweepongsa
Background: Solitary pontine infarct is divided into paramedian pontine infarct (PPI) and small deep pontine infarct (SDPI). High-resolution MRI is currently the most useful imaging method to characte...

Homozygous mutations in NTRK1 gene underlie congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis in Pakistani families [2016] - 1,169KB
by Humaira Aziz Sawal, Muhammad Ikram Ullah, Arsalan Ahmad, Abdul Nasir, Ali Amar, Ejaz A Khan, Mamoon Rashid, Saqib Mahmood, Peter John, Wasim Ahmad, Christian A Hübner, Muhammad Jawad Hassan
Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis is a rare autosomal recessive disorder presenting with loss of pain sensation, thermal sensation defects, and self-mutilating behavior. In the present ...

Impulse control behaviours in a Malaysian Parkinson’s disease population [2016] - 256KB
by Shahrul Azmin, Eng Liang Tan, Nik Jaafar Nik Ruzyanei, Zakaria Hazli, Azmawati Mohammed Nawi, Zhe Kang Law, Remli Rabani, Wan Yahya Nafisah, Ramesh Sahathevan, Hui Jan Tan, Nur Fadhlina M Pakarul Razy, Nor Azian Abdul Murad, King-Hwa Ling, Mohamed Ibrahim
Background: Impulse control behaviours are repetitive and excessive activities that may be sub-syndromal and not fulfil the criteria for impulse control disorder. These activities have potential to ne...

Prevalence of headache in Kashmir Valley, India [2016] - 220KB
by Zarka Amin Masoodi, Parvaiz A Shah, Irfan Iqbal
Background: Headache disorders represent a major public health problem globally. It is more so in developing countries with rising trend in young adults affecting negatively their quality of life. The...

Headache attributed to acute pyelonephritis [2016] - 220KB
by Bong Soo Park, Si Hyung Park, Jin Han Park, Kang Min Park
Objective: This study identified the incidence and risk factors for headache attributed to acute pyelonephritis. Methods: The inclusion criteria were patients who were admitted with acute pyelonephrit...

Employment among multiple sclerosis patients in Hong Kong [2016] - 234KB
by Kwok-Kwong Lau, Alexander YL Lau, Ellen LM Yu, Kam-Mei Lau, Alma Au, Iris Chan, Wing-Chi Fong, Tak-Hon Tsoi, Ping-Wing Ng, Patrick CK Li
Objective: Employment is important for patients with chronic illness, and to remain employed is a robust support to them. This study aimed to examine the employment rate and to identify factors associ...

Evaluation of posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome from different aspects: What is the role of serum LDH and albumin level in pathogenesis? [2016] - 308KB
by Ayse Guler, Seyma Ciftci, Cenk Eraslan, Nese Celebisoy, Hadiye Sirin
Background: Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES), is characterized by headache, lethargy, visual complaints and epileptic seizures. Brain imaging findings include abnormalities of the w...

Post-operative ipsilateral occipital hematoma in a patient with mesial temporal lobe epilepsy: A case report [2016] - 461KB
by Lichao Sun, Yang Lv, Zhanpeng Zhu, Weihong Lin, Jiqing Qiu
We report a case of a 35-year-old right-handed male patient with drug-resistant mesial temporal lobe epilepsy who developed ipsilateral occipital hematoma after right temporal anterior lobectomy and a...

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