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ROSIER scale is useful in an emergency medical service transfer protocol for acute stroke patients in primary care center: A southern China study [2017] - 197KB
by Mingfeng He, Zhixin Wu, Jianyi Zhou, Gai Zhang, Yingying Li, Wenyuan Chen, Lianhong Yang, Longyuan Jiang, Qiuquan Li, Manchao Zhong, Sui Chen, Wenzhong Hu, Weiguo Deng
Objective: The aim of the study is to validate whether the Recognition Of Stroke In the Emergency Room (ROSIER) scale can be used by general practitioners (GPs) in an emergency medical service (EMS) p...

Lack of meaningful genotype-phenotype association in SCN1A-related infantile-onset epileptic encephalopathies [2017] - 971KB
by Siti Aishah Abdul Wahab, Yusnita Yakob, Teik-Beng Khoo, Sangita Dharshini Terumalay, Vigneswari Ganesan, Chee-Ming Teh, Nor Azni bin Yahaya, Hock-Sin Heng, Manonmani Vaithialingam, Sau-Wei Wong
Background & Objective: SCN1A gene which encodes for sodium channel alpha 1 subunit has been found to be the most common mutated gene in patients with epilepsy. This study aims to characterize the SCN...

HLA-B*1502 and carbamazepine induced Stevens- Johnson syndrome/toxic epidermal necrolysis in Indonesia [2017] - 220KB
by Herlyani Khosama, Astri Budikayanti, Amy Hui Ping Khor, Kheng Seang Lim, Ching-Ching Ng, Indra G Mansyur, Alida Harahap, Teguh AR Ranakusuma, Chong Tin Tan
Background & Objective: Association between HLA-B*1502 and carbamazepine-induced Steven- Johnson syndrome/toxic epidermal necrolysis (CBZ-SJS/TEN) was reported in many Southeast Asian populations but ...

Early-onset response is a predictor of better long-term outcome of vagus nerve stimulation therapy [2017] - 369KB
by Ayataka Fujimoto, Tohru Okanishi, Sotaro Kanai, Keishiro Sato, Mitsuyo Nishimura, Hideo Enoki
Background & Objective: It is well established that the effectiveness of vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) therapy increases over 2-3 years. When increasing the dose of VNS, some patients were noted to re...

Late-onset non-thymomatous myasthenia gravis: Comparison with early-onset and very late-onset myasthenia gravis [2017] - 382KB
by Eun Bin Cho, Ju-Hong Min, Sujin Lee, Cindy W Yoon, Jin Myoung Seok, Hye-Jin Cho, Hye Lim Lee, Byoung Joon Kim
Objective: To identify the clinical characteristics of patients with myasthenia gravis (MG) according to age at onset. Methods: We retrospectively recruited 227 non-thymomatous MG patients with adult ...

Parkinson’s disease and risk of colorectal cancer: A population-based case-control study in Taiwan [2017] - 248KB
by Kuan-Fu Liao, Cheng-Li Lin, Shih-Wei Lai
Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate whether there is an association between Parkinson’s disease (PD) and colorectal cancer in Taiwan. Methods: This was a case-control study using claim ...

Comorbid schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease: a case series and brief review [2017] - 241KB
by Jayoung Oh, Guangxun Shen, Guangxian Nan, Jong-Min Kim, Ki-Young Jung, Beomseok Jeon
Traditionally, schizophrenia is considered to be a result of dopaminergic hyperactivity while dopaminergic deficiency underlies Parkinson’s disease (PD). This opposing pathophysiology makes comorbid...

Word finding difficulties in multiple sclerosis [2017] - 503KB
by Mona Ebrahimipour, Farzad Weisi, Mohammad Rezaei, Mohammad Reza Motamed, Hassan Ashayeri, Yahya Modarresi, Mohammad Kamali
Word finding difficulty is a known impairments in multiple sclerosis (MS). The purpose of this study is to adapt homophone meaning generation test to Persian language, and then examine word storage an...

Absence of hemispatial neglect following right hemispherectomy in a 7-year-old girl with neonatal stroke [2017] - 828KB
by Jiqing Qiu, Yu Cui, Lichao Sun, Bin Qi, Zhanpeng Zhu
Neonatal stroke leads to cognitive deficits that may include hemispatial neglect. Hemispatial neglect is a syndrome after stroke that patients fail to be aware of stimuli on the side of space and body...

Congenital muscular dystrophy due to laminin α2 (merosin) deficiency (MDC1A) in an ethnic Malay girl [2017] - 483KB
by M K Thong, Sofiah Ali, Y E Park, D S Kim, K J Goh, K T Wong
We report the first known ethnic Malay patient with laminin alpha-2 (merosin) deficiency (MDC1A), a subtype of congenital muscular dystrophy (CMD)as a result of novel LAMA2 gene mutations. The 21-mont...

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