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Socio-demographics and clinical characteristics affecting pre-hospital delays in acute stroke patients: A 6-year registry study from a Malaysian stroke hospital [2020] - 339KB
by Hong Chuan Loh, Nazifa Nazri, Kurubaran Ganasegeran, Zariah Abdul Aziz, Irene Looi
Background and objectives: The cumulative time spent without medical intervention in acute stroke patients may affect clinical outcomes. As the onset-to-arrival time to the hospital is crucial for eff...

Improving upper extremity motor function in stroke patients using a complex task with multi-joint-based mirror therapy: A randomized controlled trial [2020] - 402KB
by Sang-Hoon Lee, Ji-Su Park, Jong-Bae Choi, Won-gyu Yoo
Background & Objective: Mirror therapy has been shown to be effective in restoring upper extremity function in stroke patients through changes in the central nervous system. Therefore, it is important...

Elective carotid artery stenting with distal embolic protection [2020] - 4,057KB
Objective: It is aimed to present our experience in carotid artery stenting with attention to the patient selection, technique, success rate, perioperative complications, and efficacy. Methods: Patien...

Homocysteine and risk of cerebrovascular lesions: The PRESENT project [2020] - 335KB
by Hyun Young Park, Young Seo Kim, Seung-Han Suk
Objective: Cerebral white matter changes (WMCs) and silent brain infarcts (SBIs) are common radiological findings in neurologically asymptomatic elderly people. Their presence is associated with an in...

Emergency multimodal computed tomography for the diagnosis of stroke mimic--epileptic seizure [2020] - 1,936KB
by Xiaowei Hu, Shicun Huang, Ziwei Lu, Feirong Yao, Yiqing Wang, Yeting Lu, Xiangyi Zhu, Min Xu, Qi Fang
Background and Objectives: Stroke mimics are medical conditions producing stroke-like symptoms but eventually get diagnosed as non-stroke diseases. Epileptic seizure is a common type of stroke mimic. ...

Japanese encephalitis virus: Biological clones from a clinical isolate quasispecies show differing neurovirulence in vitro and in a mouse model [2020] - 697KB
by Shu Pin Yu, Kien Chai Ong, Soon Hao Tan, David Perera, Kum Thong Wong
The Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV), a leading cause of encephalitis, exists as quasispecies in clinical isolates. Using a limiting dilution method combined with immunohistochemistry to detect viral...

Profile of various idiopathic inflammatory myopathies at two university hospitals in Yangon, Myanmar [2020] - 346KB
by Ohnmar, Zin Phyu Tun, Cho Cho Nyunt, Su Lei Htay, Soe Lin Oo, Cho Mar Lwin, Yin Minn Soe, Chit Soe, Win Min Thit
Objective: to determine the distribution of various idiopathic inflammatory myopathies (IIM) and their profile at the largest university hospitals in Yangon, Myanmar. Method: It was a hospital based p...

Correlation between the atypical presentation of myasthenia gravis and radio-pathological classification of the thymus – A retrospective cohort study [2020] - 385KB
by Kang-Po Lee, Chou-Ching K Lin, Pei-Fang Su, Yu-Lin Mau, Fei-Ci Sie, Han-Wei Huang
Myasthenia gravis (MG) is a disease of neuromuscular junction and mainly autoimmune in aetiology. The state of thymus is a critical determinant for the prognosis. In this retrospective review study, w...

Validation and cross-cultural adaptation of Columbia Cramp Scale in Serbian ALS patients [2020] - 331KB
by Aleksandar Stojanov, Gordana Djordjevic, Jelena Stojanov, Vuk Milosevic, Marina Malobabic
Background & Objectives: Muscle cramps are present in more than three quarter of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) cases. The objective of the present study was to translate and validate Columbia Cr...

Disability profile and the factors affecting functional outcome in Malaysian motor neurone disease population [2020] - 368KB
by Kavitha Andiappan, Nortina Shahrizaila, Lydia Abdul Latif
Background & Objective: The accurate knowledge on the individual spectrum of disabilities and the course of the disease is important for timely medical and rehabilitation management of patients with m...

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