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Neural stem cell secretome injection decreased neuropathic pain expression on subacute spinal cord injury rats model [2022] - 352KB
by I Nyoman Semita, Aris Prasetyo, Ibrila Asfarina Ahmadah
Background: Neuropathic pain is one of the quality of life problems after spinal cord injury (SCI) that is caused by the lack of neurotrophic agents that modulate the regeneration process. The neural ...

Contrast-induced encephalopathy following intra- arterial iodinated contrast media injection in patients with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease: A retrospective analysis [2022] - 426KB
by Dongxia Jin, XiMing Li, Hongliang Cong, Tingting Li, Hua Chen, Wei Mi
Background & Objective: This study examined the current status of contrast-induced encephalopathy (CIE) following intra-arterial iodinated contrast media injection in patients with atherosclerotic car...

Explore the molecular mechanism of controlled hypothermic surgery to promote autophagy and inhibit oxidative damage to reduce the damage of neurovascular unit barrier [2022] - 1,248KB
by Lixiong Chen, Ming Wang, Feng Li, Pifeng Jia
Background: Controlled hypothermia surgery is a method to lower the body temperature to a certain level in order to reduce the body’s metabolism and maintain or delay cell activity. Autophagy can an...

Low serum osteopontin levels in individuals with choroid plexus calcification [2022] - 373KB
by Recep Yevgi, Nuray Bilge, Fatma Şimşek, Mustafa Ceylan, Dilcan Kotan, Nazım Kızıldağ
Background & Objective: The choroid plexus (CP) is a tissue plexus located in the ventricles that produces hormones and nutrients, primarily cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). CP is also an important componen...

Isolated medial rectus paralysis caused by oculomotor dorsolateral nucleus infarction [2022] - 387KB
by Zhifei Wang, Shunlan Li, Xue Lin
Isolated internal rectus palsy secondary to midbrain infarction is extremely rare and mainly involves the internal rectus subnucleus of the oculomotor nerve. The subnucleus rectus motor neurons of the...

A rare mutation in exon 7 of the NOTCH3 gene in a Chinese CADASIL family: Case report with a literature review [2022] - 1,191KB
by Fei-Lin Ni, Jian-Feng Dai, Wei-Jun Zhang, Qun Hou, Juan Zhang
More than 300 mutations have been reported since NOTCH3 was identified as the causal gene of CADASIL. However, mutation sites on exon 7 have rarely been reported in patients with CADASIL. We reported ...

Mixed IgG and IgM anti-GM1 ganglioside antibody positive multifocal motor neuropathy with severe secondary axonal loss in a Filipino female [2022] - 341KB
by Mario B Prado Jr, Karen Joy B Adiao
Approximately 40% of patients with multifocal motor neuropathy had anti-GM1 IgM antibodies, while only 1 out of 88 patients had anti-GM1 IgG antibodies. Unlike its predominantly demyelinating IgM coun...

Two siblings with horizontal gaze palsy and ROBO3 gene mutation: A double case study [2022] - 947KB
by Sibgatullah Ali Orak, Mustafa Erdogan, Celil Yilmaz, Asli Kubra Atasever, Cisil Cerci Kubur, Muzaffer Polat
Horizontal gaze palsy along with progressive scoliosis (HGPPS) is rare and autosomal recessive disease related to the mutations in the ROBO3 gene located on chromosome 11q23-25. We present here two si...

Multiple necrotizing skin lesions due to glatiramer asetate injection [2022] - 315KB
by Seyda Erdoğan, Canan Yücesan
Nicolau’s syndrome due to glatiramer acetate (GA) injection has been rarely reported. We report a 35-year-old woman with multiple sclerosis who presented with two necrotizing skin lesions due to con...

Neuroimaging in dementia syndromes [2022] - 1,351KB
by Kartini Rahmat, Affendi Haris Phuah, Norlisah Ramli, Nadia Fareeda Muhammad Gowdh, Wai Yee Chan, Maw Pin Tan
Neuroimaging is essential for early diagnosis of different types of dementia. Structural imaging is recommended for patients with new-onset cognitive impairment and magnetic resonance imaging is the m...

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