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Estrogen and progesterone in meningioma: Bridging the gap of knowledge [2023] - 637KB
by Syaiful Ichwan, Fabianto Santoso, Renindra Ananda Aman, David Tandian, Ande Fachniadin, Setyo Widi Nugroho
Meningiomas are primary central nervous system tumor with the highest prevalence. Meningiomas have a high recurrence rate in the same location. One of the factors thought to be associated with the fre...

Comparison of acute ischemic stroke care quality before and during the COVID-19 pandemic in a private tertiary hospital in metro Manila, Philippines [2023] - 326KB
by Jean Paolo M Delfino, Christine Anne Carandang-Chacon
Background: The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic had disrupted established medical care systems worldwide, especially for highly time-sensitive acute conditions such as stroke. Strategies ...

Effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on young stroke [2023] - 322KB
by Abuzer COSKUN, Burak DEMIRCI
Background & Objective: Covid-19 infection has diverse effect on human health. We aimed to evaluate the effect of COVID-19 pandemic on the young stroke cases in an emergency services in a tertiary hos...

Prevalence and predictive factors of progression in pure motor, ataxic hemiparesis and mixed sensorimotor lacunar syndrome [2023] - 705KB
by Suporn Travanichakul, Naruchorn Kijpaisalratana, Teeraparp Kitjawijit, Sasitorn Petcharunpaisan, Aurauma Chutinet, Nijasri C Suwanwela
Objectives: To explore the prevalence and predictive factors of progressive lacunar stroke (PLS). Methods: Consecutive patients with acute lacunar stroke, who were admitted at King Chulalongkorn Memor...

Safety of edaravone in acute ischemic stroke: A systematic review and meta-analysis [2023] - 631KB
by Stephanie Patricia J Badillo, Jose C Navarro
Background & Objective: Stroke is a major cause of death and disability, however many patients do not benefit from time-limited reperfusion therapies. Edaravone is a neuroprotective agent that has bee...

Prognostic value of gut microbiota-derived trimethylamine N-oxide in patients with ischemic stroke: A meta-analysis [2023] - 558KB
by Lei Tang, Le Zhang, Yi Zeng, Si Li, Ye Li
Objective: This study aimed to evaluate the relationship between the intestinal microbial metabolite trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO) level in the plasma and the outcomes of patients with ischemic stroke...

Relationship between pulsatility index and stroke severity in patients with unilateral pontine infarction due to small vessel occlusion [2023] - 408KB
by Yoon Jung Kang, Eugene Jung, Jinwoo No, Sang Min Sung, Han-Jin Cho
Background: Pulsatility index (PI) is a useful hemodynamic index that is generally thought to reflect arterial stiffness and distal microvascular resistance. We hypothesized that the PI in the basilar...

GAS6/sAXL ratio correlates with National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) and infarction size in patients with acute ischemic stroke [2023] - 427KB
by Hilal Sipahioglu, Merve Ozel, Sevda Onuk, Mehmet Fatih Yetkin, Faruk Seçkin Yucesoy, Aynur Akın, Gülden Başkol
Background & Objective: Ischemic stroke is the leading cause of death and long-term disability worldwide. In patients with ischemic stroke, both cell loss and inflammation are observed. GAS6/sAXL sign...

Serum asprosin levels in patients with acute ischemic stroke [2023] - 436KB
by Shu-Fang Lei, bin-Gong Li, Jia Zhou, Ding-Kun Wang, Zheng Luo
Objective: This study aimed to investigate the association between serum asprosin and the incidence, severity, etiological subtypes and thrombolysis therapy of acute ischemic stroke (AIS). Methods: A ...

The CHA2DS2-VASc risk score predicts futile recanalization after endovascular treatment in patients with acute ischemic stroke [2023] - 486KB
by Mehmet Bülent Vatan, Bilgehan Atılgan Acar, Türkan Acar, Yeşim Güzey Aras, Perihan Varım, Sena Boncuk Ulaş, Halil Alper Eryılmaz, Şule Dalkılıç, Ayşe Polat Zafer, Oğuzhan Turhan, Ahmet Can Çakmak, Mustafa Tarık Ağaç, Ersan Tatlı
Objective: This study aimed to evaluate the utility of the CHA2DS2-VASc score for predicting futile recanalization among patients with acute ischemic stroke (AIS) who underwent endovascular treatment ...

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